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How to get people to read your emails…

First let me tell you I lifted this from a marketing Look him up on face book. His knowledge on email marketing will blow your socks off.

Getting somebody to open an email using a powerful subject line is really the easy part.

The challenge begins after they have opened it - to get them to continue reading and take action on what you're saying.

This is where using curiosity, storytelling and other powerful mechanisms can come into play.

What many people don't realise is;

Writing emails is just a powerful form of copywriting, sometimes referred to as salesmanship in print.

If there's a big disconnect between what you said in the subject line, and what you say in the first sentence of your email then people will probably just delete it.

So there needs to be consistency of approach.

Let's assume you've hooked them in with a great subject line.

Next, you followed up with this with the first sentence of the email, maybe addressing the curiosity that you raised in the subject line.

And maybe planting another seed of what you're going to share inside the email.

Quick tip;

Look at the first sentence of your email like a new subject line or headline...

It needs to really evoke curiosity and leave an open psychological loop that people can only answer if they keep reading.

Think of it like the first sentence in a storybook, here's some examples I've used;

First Sentence: It was raining cats and dogs...

First Sentence: My finger still hurts.

First Sentence: What a douchebag.

First Sentence: My wife is always right but not on this day.

Notice how each one of these first sentences evokes questions and curiosity in the mind of the reader.

You now need to continue this throughout the email...



JC Dean