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The Tony Soprano School Of Internet Marketing

Did you ever watch The Sopranos?
Tony Soprano is a great character - he's intimidating without being obviously intimidating...
And despite being bald, overweight and having obvious "mother issues", the ladies can't seem to get enough of that Italian-American lovin'.
I also think Soprano would have made an awesome Internet Marketer.
Here's why:
1. He Gets Others to Do His Dirty Work
Tony is rarely without his henchmen - Silvio, Paulie and Christopher...
And they go and make sure the money is being paid.
If Tony was an Internet Marketer, these guys would be his affiliates.
Working hard in the background while Tony grows fat(ter) off the profits.
2. He Keeps His Family & Business Life Separate
Despite "working from home" like most marketers, Tony knows how to keep personal and business matters separate.
He never talks business at home...
Probably because he fears his house is bugged and of course, walls have ears.
But it enables him to keep up the pretence of a happy, "normal" home life whereby he can live alongside affluent, and law abiding, neighbors.
3. His Therapist Keeps Him Accountable
 Tony meets with his therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, on a weekly basis.
In some way, she's like his accountability partner...
Talking about what he's been up to and pushing to find the root cause of his problems to help him move forward.
So he can be an even better, more successful gangster, ahem, Internet Marketer.
4. He Has His Fingers in Many Pies
Just like a good Internet Marketer, Tony is smart enough to have a series of income streams flowing at any one time.
If one is taken away, the others will make sure the bills are paid.
5. He Sticks to What He Knows
Intimidation, extortion and paying people off...
Why tamper with the classics when they pay so well?
I can't imagine Tony faffing around with Twitter, autoblogs, or waiting for the "next big thing"...
He's too busy getting the job done and bringing home the bacon.
He'd be more "old school" and focus on something like this.

JC Dean